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Rebecca Kratky 
5 Star
The service was superb! The food was absolutely phenomenal and we will absolutely return! I can't put into words how great it was! We went on my birthday and won a free meal basically! What a great and inviting/interesting environment!

Andrew S.
5 Star
If you are looking for an experience as to a meal out, look no further. We have been here a couple of times and the food and staff have been great. The menu is changing and we got to try a couple of new ideas from the chef.

Do not come here if you are looking for an out of the box restaurant meal. The menu provides a modern twist on the fondue. The eclectic decor is funky in a cool retro way.
Looking for fast food, then again go to a fast food joint, looking for a bit of fun cooking your own food and sharing different tastes then give FunDoozies a try

Paul Whelan
4 Star
Fun and different, support this place and let them iron out wrinkles. They are working out the details, we don't need any more big chains, this place isn't a quick bite, and you go there for the fun experience, bring some friends and laugh your way through. for those complaining about the price, have you tried those stupid gourmet burgers? 2 meals and a beer and you are out 50 bucks. Have some fun and do something different.

5 star
Great restaurant!! Awesome staff!!! Fantastic food!!!

Andrea Paterson 

5 Star
Excellent food in a warm and fun atmosphere! Can't wait for the new menu!

Annie Meechan
5 Star
Thank you to Jordan for making our first (but not last!) experience at Fundoozies so great.
If you are looking to try something different, love to support local business and would like to have a dining experience instead of a rushed dinner - then visit Fundoozies! You won't be disappointed!

Kelli Madronich
5 Star

Sharon Baehr
4.3 Stars
This was our first time to this restaurant. We were there to celebrate my husband's birthday. The manager Jordan was very helpful at explaining the menu and assisting us with our order. The food was delicious and we had a wonderful time. Looking forward to returning in the near future. Well Done. Keep up the great work!

5 Star
First time here. Was very good service. Our server (Jeremy?) made our night that much better. Very passionate about what he does and great customer service. 

5 Star
Great atmosphere...fantastic concept;;

Pat Stott
4 Star
The food is good the dacor inside is kind of sketchy.Jenn Woah recommends Fundoozies.

5 Stars
SUPER FUN! my spouse and I went for dinner to shake up date night a bit and it was amazing! we had an excellent experience! the food was delish! Jordan the manager really made us feel like regulars givings us litter extras here and there and was really enthusiastic about the food and service which was great! We will be back for sure!

Meaghan Lachance 
5 Stars
My sister snd I tried out this restaurant last night and it was AMAZING!!!! the manager was extremely friendly, and very understanding that we had no idea what was going on. He took time with us to explain everything. We had cheese and oil fondue and it was soooo much fun and so yummy! I highly recommend this restaurant!!

Michelle Kortis 
5 Stars Awesome experience. Loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to go back!

Braeden Cameron 
Five stars The food was perfect and the service was amazing Amber was very entertaining and attentive. 

Rébecca Pierrin
4 Stars

Amanda Fellows 
5 star 
Went to Fundoozies tonight with friends. It was a really awesome experience. Food was great, service was even better (thank you Jordan!). Jordan took lots of time to go over and explain the menu, was efficient and kind. If you want a cool new dining experience and have lots of time, Fundoozies is definitely the place to go. Thank you!!!

Tim Lehman
5 Star Delicious food and friendly atmosphere

Debra Star
5 Star Amazing! Great service, Very clean, A experience u don't want to miss! Very impressed with the menu! Awesome!

St. Catharines, Canada
5 Star Best family fondue experience
Just happened upon this gem while taking our son for a day of liberty from the military base. How surprising to have this food experience at the gateway to downtown Barrie! Unexpected and delicious. Super-helpful wait and kitchen staff, great decor, and more flavour options than we're used to from a fondue spot. Not stuffy, not haughty, just great food and great fun.
Be prepared to spend a few hours on the experience, and leave completely stuffed. 100% chance of a return visit!

Jordan R
5 Star Have To Try!
The service was absolutely incredible. Staff were always around to answer any questions and the food was delivered very promptly. At the low price point for so much food you'll definitely have a few extra dollars left to try any of their homemade "FunDoozies" drinks. Overall great experience!

Maddy S
5 Star Amazing!
I went here for dinner a few days ago with a few of my friends and it was amazing! The staff was so incredibly nice and outlying, and the food was to die for! For $20 a person we got 2 cheese fondues that came with delicious bread and veggies, a main course of various meats such as filet mignon, jumbo shrimp, pork, chicken, and teriyaki steak, and a chocolate fondue for desert that came with fruit and different types of cake. It was so much fun to cook the food, and staff was so incredible! Always on top of their service, very VERY generous, and lots of fun!

Mac S
4 Star Exceptional value
You get either a cheese or dessert fondue plus an entree for $30. So a couple share a cheese and dessert fondue and each have their own entree. There is more than enough food for a hungry couple and the quality of all the ingredients was excellent. With the cheese fondue there are four cheese choices. There are also four choices of cooking oil or broths for the entries. Each entree came with three dipping sauces.
There is a limited wine selection.
I would encourage Barrie residents to support this very enjoyable, great value and different style of restaurant. We shall return.

Jocelyne M
4 Star Fun girls night
We had a fantastic night with lots of great food. The fondue environment is so relaxed and comfortable. Would be a great date night setting.
Tim Lehman
5 Star Delicious food and friendly atmosphere!

Viman Kaur
5 Star The staff is best here. They are so kind and so quick. Definitely must-visit place in Barrie.

Ella DeFrancisco
5 Star Absolutely amazing staff, great food and killer tunes.Valerie Lauzon

5 Star Absolutely amazing! The service was great, kind and genuine. The quality of the food was fabulous and after everything, we had a lots of food left over to take home. Great food, great service, I would recommend for celebrating an important night out.

Ashley Marie Iuliano reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star
I had a nice time here with my mom for a early dinner. Seated right away. We ordered two different cheese fondues (4 cheese one, and a mexican style one) both delish. Served with different kinds of bread and a plate of sliced veggies. The fondue is made at your table which is cool and only takes a few minutes to melt everything together. We followed it up with the chocolate peanut butter fondue. It’s served with sliced pound cake, marshmallow, strawberries, green apple, pineapple, and mandarin orange with a side of caramel sauce !! very delish, very rich. Service was very good, and I will come here again for sure. If you’re going to share then I would definitely get two different cheeses and one of the chocolates or two cheese and a entree or app. I’ll be back for sure

Amanda Fellows reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star
Went to Fundoozies tonight with friends. It was a really awesome experience. Food was great, service was even better (thank you Jordan!). Jordan took lots of time to go over and explain the menu, was efficient and kind. If you want a cool new dining experience and have lots of time, Fundoozies is definitely the place to go. Thank you!!!

Jenn Newark
5 star Was really curious about experiencing this place. Like other reviews said, the menu takes a minute to understand with the serving folks guiding you through it. The $40 four course is more than worth the extra few dollars. Salads are crisp and fresh, cheese dips are worth the visit all by themselves. We had red wine which was very pleasant. The ability to customize the menu makes it easy to please all the picky eaters. It was a fun experience doing our fondue and cooking at the table. The vegetables were so fresh they looked like they were just picked. Flavours were varied and interesting. Service was quick, friendly and checking in enough to be sure we were okay but not hovering. Only a small number of tables so make sure you call ahead or get a reservation. Totally a worthwhile dinner experience. Will be bringing the rest of my family back for the next visit.

Julia Kerby Thomas
5 star Despite the menu being daunting and a little confusing the staff was helpful in explaining it - and it was delish, so much variety and flavours we were stuffed. Bananarama dessert was the bomb!

Andrew O
5 star rating This place was great. The entertainment, atmosphere and food was a nice departure from the standard corporate dining experience in restaurants today. It is quite quaint, little noisy and rough around the edges but that's what made it great. Understand fondue before going, it's not a quick menu table! Staff and owner were their for your experience, not the cheque. Will definitely return.

Lindsay Gordon
5 star rating What a great night! My husband surprised me with a date night sans children. We absolutely loved this place:) So fun and eclectic! The service was great and Paul, the owner was wonderful!! We have been to the melting pot in the States numerous times so it was exciting to find a local spot that provides a high quality fondue experience but with a more relaxed, fun atmosphere! The live music was AWESOME! All in all, I was sad to read some of these reviews because it really was a great night out and we'll definitely be back!! fact, we even bought a giftcard to give as a gift :) would definitely recommend!!! If you get the 4 course- you will not even come close to finishing....but it is worth the effort!!!! :)

Trina W
5 star rating Our anniversary dinner here was amazing! The eclectic decor is a favourite of ours and the server we had had an amazing attitude. It was a pleasure to meet the owner and we were delighted be live music (a beautiful accordion session and an acoustic guitar) while we dined and the menu was diverse. They were great in accommodating my gluten free diet and it was so much fun to make the fondu and different dishes right at our own table. Bar selection is good; we will for sure be back soon!

Harumi LaRose
5 star rating It was such a enjoyable dinner. I like traditional cheese fondue, but we tried their unique Mexican style this time and It was surprisingly good and we loved the harmony of cheddar, salsa and jalapeños. Chocolate fondue with dark and white chocolate was amazing! We live in Toronto, but will definitely revisit there!

Ashley McLeod
5 star rating The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Vanessa Bosomworth
5 star rating

Laurie Kennard
4.5 Star Rating
Dinner was very good. The menu was confusing but the waitress explained it well. The food was plentiful. The fondue was good and we also liked the grill option. We prefer the very thin sliced fondue beef, which isn't offered here. The selection of things to dio in the chocolate was amazing. A fun family outing.

Darlene Evans
3.5 Star Rating
Fun and different date night experience. Restaurant is cramped and server can only reach part of the table so you have to do some of the work also. Good variety of choices.

Alinka Angelova
5 star rating Excellent food! Excellent service! Absolutely amazing! Highly recommended. I wasn't sure at first but thank God I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you FunDoozies!

Greg Isaacs
5 star rating Casual fun fondue with great tasty food

Jessica Arseneau 5 star rating
Amazing food, the atmosphere is cozy and catered to you with it being a smaller place. The staff seem very friendly and eager to make the experience wonderful. I would recommend this restaurant for an amazing date idea!

Danielle J. Barrie, ON — 5 star
This place is exactly like the name - Fun! If you are up for a unique experience that is fun and different then this is the place for you. Great concept- a fondue place where you can try a bunch of new things- cheese, oil and chocolate fondue. A great mix of food! However, we had some uptight people sitting across from us when we were eating who clearly did not enjoy the place - I have heard the comment - I could just get a steak up the road for cheaper. If that's your idea of a good time- then go there! This is not the place for you if you like traditional, typical food. But if you are willing to be a little patient and adventurous - you will enjoy it!

Cynthia Muriel Mary reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star
As a firm believer that life is meant to be an adventure, this was one of the most fun restaurants I have been to. It was more than just going out for a bite to eat, it was an entire evening, including entertainment, so never a dull moment. It was so refreshing to be able to spend time, and not be handed the bill before you've even finished your supper. The staff were fun and friendly, and interactive with guests in a good way. Our waiter even had the chef bring out samples of salad dressing for me to taste, as I am a super picky eater. They really care about their customers. Thanks, Mack, Torrin, and Paul for a great evening.

Andrea Alden
4 Star Rating What an experience. The place is cozy and you should make a reservation because it's not a fast dining place. This restaurant is a sensory experience. The menu is confusing so let them explain it to you. We got a 4 course meal for 40 (each) which included a salad, two cheese fondues with veggies and bread, an oil and a broth fondue where you grill your own meat then either fry/tempura or boil in a flavorful broth, and finally a chocolate fondue. We. Were. Stuffed! Definitely worth the experience.

Stacy O
5 Star Rating Great atmosphere live entertainment...nice staff. We did the 4 course for $40. So much food sooo delicious. My favourite is the cheese fondues and the dessert fondues (save room for dessert ;)

Sandra B
3 Star Rating The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Five Star Rating ***** Went there 2 weeks ago on a Friday for our second time with a friend. The atmosphere was fun and entertaining. The food was excellent and well portioned. Customer service was very welcoming and helpful. We definitely will be back again soon.

Brandon Wroblewski
Five Star Rating ***** The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Hannah Williams
Five Star Rating ***** Went there the other night, it was supposed to be open but they started closing early. When they saw us looking throu...… MoreWent there the other night, it was supposed to be open but they started closing early. When they saw us looking through the window they happily let us in. Kitchen was closed but they served us cheese and chocolate which was enjoyable. Very lovely atmoshpere and pleasant staff, friendly and inviting. Would go again!

Gage Jones
Five Star Rating ***** Super fun atmosphere, great staff, delicious food!

Michael Morris
Five Star Rating ***** Had a great time with my friends. They were super nice, and personal. Great food, and people.

Five Star Rating ***** Amazing food with a big selection of food. Its reserve seating and well worth it. You cook your own food for the most...… MoreAmazing food with a big selection of food. Its reserve seating and well worth it. You cook your own food for the most part so you're the chef this time!

Daniel Paterson
Five Star Rating ***** Great atmosphere, lovely staff, fun music (both recorded and live) and of course awesome food! Some reviews mention s...… MoreGreat atmosphere, lovely staff, fun music (both recorded and live) and of course awesome food! Some reviews mention small portions, well I am NOT a small eater and I had to leave food behind on the final course. $40/person for a four course meal and a super fun experience is pretty reasonable, imo. 10/10 would recommend.

Lisa Diaz
Four Star Rating ***** Had a great time with my mom at this restaurant. We went on a Sunday night, which was very quiet. Our server was exce...… MoreHad a great time with my mom at this restaurant. We went on a Sunday night, which was very quiet. Our server was excellent, didn’t catch her name! It is obvious they are very new and clearly need the summer to truly excel! A little pricy but the server said that they sometimes they have live entertainment walk around the restaurant like a belly dancer, and even a physic! The interior is filled with tons of weird and funny things to look at so that was kind of interesting and different which is always good for Barrie!! Definitely will go back to see the live entertainment and enjoy the flaming turtle chocolate fondue!!!

Sarah Fraser Struck reviewed Fundoozies — 4 star
We went for a girls night out and I was pleasantly surprised by Fundoozies! We had never been and our server was kind enough to explain how the menu worked (yes it is a little confusing to look at but once she explained we understood no problem! We were told they are changing it so it is less confusing) The portions were good for 4 courses! We left satisfied but not stuffed and not hungry. I loved the selection, especially on the entrees, of the various proteins and the “pick 4” is great for people with food limitations. Everything was fresh! My girlfriend said she would have liked more to dip for the chocolate fondue as we had a lot of chocolate left over! (But as I said we were pleasantly satisfied). Our server was friendly and fun! She worked very hard as there seemed to be more cooks than servers and she looked like she was on her own with all the tables. The manager was helpful and came over to check on us and take any suggestions we had! Don’t go if you want a quick meal. We were there for 3 hours (which is common for fondue) but we laughed and ate and had a great time and we’re in no rush! The lights were a bit much with all the flashing throughout the entire meal (one friend had a bit of a headache by the end) but that is the worst complaint we could come up with! As a new restaurant our expectations were definitely exceeded!

David Francis reviewed Fundoozies — 4 star
Funny how so many people can have such extremely different experiences, but I can safely say that when my wife and I went to Fundoozies, we had a good one.
The food for us was good quality, the service excellent, and we were so full after our lunch that neither of us ate dinner that night.
The biggest factor that might be a sticking point for some is the fact that besides the rice and sauce, you cook your own food. It was fun for us, but admittedly some people might wonder why bother with a restaurant, then.
I think the value lies in the presentation and quality of the food offered, which when we went (the beginning of January) was pretty good quality, and we were ultimately only charged about $35 for more than enough food. Had we gone to the Keg, for example, it would have been more money for less food. The cook even had their own signature dessert treat, which was fun.
All in all, a very interesting dining experience. I suggest everyone to try it once, and if possible, try over lunch, when they will be less busy.

Amanda Saunderson-Ree reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star
Had an amazing experience on a Friday evening with a girlfriend from out of town. Have been anxiously waiting to try this place, and sad I didn’t go until now! Staff was amazing, food was delicious and overall experience was something completely different then any other restaurant in Barrie. If you’re looking for a unique experience, have a couple of hours and enjoy good conversation over scrumptious food this is a place to check out. It would be awesome to see this place get busier and move to a larger location to accommodate bigger parties in the future, but to be honest I loved the small cozy atmosphere. Will definitely be back! Thanks for the great night, couldn’t have asked for a better girls night out!

Rachel L Renaud reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star
We stopped in on a spontaneous date night and were lucky enough to get a seats without a reservation. The experience was quaint and perfect for a date night.
As said in another review, come with an open mind! It is a very small local restaurant. You should be visiting to try something new and not to compare to big chain restaurants.
Notes: 1. There are only approx 8 tables that each seat 4 people (max capacity approx 32)
2. The tables are fixed and cannot be moved around to accommodate groups
3. Fondue is not a fast food experience so you should probably expect to be there 2-3 hours
4. The table would be pretty full with four ppl and fondue warming plates/grills are not mobile so pick a fork colour and grab a few then get ready to communicate with your table mates because you likely won’t be able to reach the second fondue pot
My only suggestions for improvement would be to reduce the price point ($25pp) as it is currently a bit pricy ($45pp), and ensure the dips for each course are ready to go before starting the fondue melting process as the pots heat up quickly.
I love the concept and would love to see this small business expand to a bigger facility to maximize table turnover and reduce price point - even if that means a location off the main strip

Olivia Victoria reviewed Fundoozies — 5 star

Went to Fundoozies today on a whim, didn't even know it existed and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience!!! The food was delicious and the service was great! All of the staff were super friendly and ensured we were taken care of during our visit! The portion sizes were great (unlimited bread was a nice touch)! A great lunch with lots of laughs!

Angela Hanson reviewed Fundoozies — 4 star
Really enjoyed our lunch. Thought it was great value for 3 courses. We would have spent $30-$40 for 2 at a good burger place or chain restaurant anyways and supporting a local restaurant. Just the right amount of food. They just opened so ironing out the details but staff are very attentive and friendly. Met the owner and couldn't do enough to please everyone. Could see he is great with his staff. We will definitely be returning...a great social restaurant with great tunes and atmosphere. Nice to hae somthing unique an who doesn't like fondue!!!

Natalie Hiles
Dinner - Friends
4 Stars
We all enjoyed the experience once we figured out the confusing menu! Very fresh, high quality ingredients were used!

Elizabeth Newton
Dinner - Family
4 1/2 Stars
The food was very good, but the restaurant was short beef the night we were there. It was a fun experience and our server Mack was really great and was patient with the children.

Melissa Legault
Dinner - Friends
4 1/2 Stars
The place is small and overestimating, but there is so much to look at that it is definitely a conversation starter! The staff is friendly and kind! They were very personable and willing to joke around. It felt more relaxed and not so uptight like other restaurants! I would go back anytime. So many vegan options and adaptability for me with my carnivore friends. I appreciate everything so much. It was incredible to be able to sit down to a nice meal with friends and actually have delicious options to enjoy myself.

Susan Brewin
Dinner - Family
4 1/2 Stars
A great night! Good food.

Shaun O'Leary

Dinner - Family
4 1/2 Stars

Paul Martinez
Dinner - Friends
5 Stars
The restaurant was small with great atmosphere and the food was top notch! It was our 1st visit and navigating the extensive menu seemed overwhelming. Our server was very helpful, enthusiastic, patient & walked us through the choices, which made it easy to understand. The food was full of flavour & the dining experience was unique & lots of fun. We would recommend to our friends & family. Cooking tables are limited to 4 people but larger groups can sit at multiple tables of 4.

Snjezana Ognjenovic
Dinner - Couple
4 1/2 Stars

Kim Rusch
Dinner - Couple
4 1/2 Stars
Our server was very good. As well as the food. It was a fun atmosphere. Only a couple of minor things. Unfortunatley only one of our burners on our table was working. They did try to get hot plates but neither of them worked or knew how to work them. Introduction to the meal and how things worked was also well done. Fun date night with my husband

Chantal Hoffman
Dinner - Family
4 1/2 Stars

Kelly Welles
Dinner - Friends
3 1/2 Stars
Get there early, takes time to eat. relaxing. food was delicious. chocolate fondue - nothing better